Dennis P. Cameron

Founding Partner
Dennis is the founder of Eastward Capital and is a Chairman of the Investment Committee.

Dennis has almost 40 years of experience working with companies to provide venture debt and equipment leasing. During this period, Dennis has developed significant experience in structuring deals to meet the needs of the companies and their venture sponsors. Dennis collaborates with the entire investment team on deal terms as well as overseeing the operations of Eastward.

Dennis began his career with sixteen years of structured finance and leasing experience at John Hancock Leasing, CIT, and MeesPierson. While at MeesPierson, Dennis was brought in to assume operational control of a $100M family of funds, Applied Telecommunications Technology. Based on his success of managing the ATTI funds, Dennis was approached by the investors to raise additional capital, and in 1998 he founded CommVest, LLC. In 2004, Dennis founded Eastward Capital Partners to reflect the evolution of the investment focus primarily from communication companies to technology-enabled companies.

Dennis is on the Advisory Board of Boston based Bridge Over Troubled Waters. In addition, he has been active in civic and social charities in his hometown of Needham, MA.

Dennis is a graduate of Northeastern University.
Active Portfolio
CounterTack, Inc.
Mightier, Inc.
Nomis Solutions, Inc.
Saphena Medical, Inc.
Sestra Systems, Inc. Inc.
SocialFlow, Inc.
Vanu, Inc.
Velano Vascular, Inc.